i’m gonna dip for the weekend (or possibly longer) & take a break from tumblr b/c i have a scary amount of homework to do! seeya

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by vadim melnikov

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man i’ve heard nothing but praise & positive reviews for shadow of the colossus but now that im actually playing it the controls are kind of hellishly unresponsive and cumbersome and are kind of keeping me from actually playing hhmmmm

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タイプライター MILKチェックエプロンワンピース
タイプライター MILKチェックイージーパンツ
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Utagawa Hiroshige, New Year’s Eve Foxfires (detail), 1857.  Via rollership.

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Chinatown fashion combines urban utilitarianism with smart, unexpected combinations of prints and a use of color that just made me feel uplifted whenever I saw it. They’re fashionistas – worthy of any street-style blog.

This photo essay is a month’s worth of excursions with photographer Andria Lo and translators Tricia Choi, Kat Wong, and Michelle Yeung. It was a month of cold and hot tea and dim sum meals, of many seniors being open with us, sharing their outfits and telling us their stories, from the feet up.

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"you can download a texture pack and make df a lil easier on the eyes. and to get a hang of things u can watch a youtube walkthrough. i did that and once i got over the initial difficulty hump (80% of it is learning the UI) i could make semi-successful forts easily"

yeah i downloaded a newbie bundle with a graphics pack and everything! which makes it considerably easier 2 parse. it’s still pretty confusing rn but i will persevere…

thank u anon 

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